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I tend to use acrylics rather than oil paints.  This is mainly due to a preference to the lower odour and the fast drying times. When I'm painting I will work for many hours at a time, acrylics allow you to burn the candle at both ends!!! I'm toying with trying some of the new age oils which are water based but I'm not convinced they will give the same beautiful quality as the traditional kind.

I like to experiment with textures, techniques and styles - so paintings will vary naturally.  This said, I think you can always tell a painter's style no matter what changes they may implement. I've been told my style is quite 'theatrical' on a couple of occasions wich I take in a good way.  Theatre says 'drama' to me and that in turn suggests a bold statement - which can't be bad. I try and look past the subject of the painting and, instead, bring out the atmosphere and catch a moment in time.

I love animals, as you may have guessed, and I seem to be at my happiest when drawing or painting them.  Cats especially make me smile and their antics and characteristics never cease to charm me.  I've always had dogs; coming from a long line of animal loving family members with no sign of the trait disappearing!
I find painting and drawing dogs a totally different experience to that with cats.  In dogs - I feel the loyalty, trust and love for the owner through the animal - their eyes following you everywhere.  Cats are a power unto themselves and I'm always drawn to the serenity, self assurance and symmetrical beauty.

I'm trying to push myself into new realms at the moment.  Years ago, back in my Uni days, I'd paint cityscapes and landscapes.  Lately I haven't done many and they feel a bit daunting.  Therefore, I'm starting a series of just such a theme to get me back out there.  Watch this space!  Likewise, I'm going to work at a couple of loose floral works in the next few weeks as I think it will benefit my discipline and tighten up my eye for colour and form.  

Needless to say - I'm sure a cat or two will creep in there ...........        

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